1WC 0608 One Way Needle Bearing as machine parts in Competitive Price

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 1WC0608 One Way needle bearing

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PRODUCT NAME: One way clutch (outer lane has raised angles )
ID: The roller pin coupling, the addendum circle has the edges and corners, is advantageous for the localization locking, uses on the fishing equipment, the automatic money counting machine.
MATERIAL Outer material: ST14 stainless steel Needle rollerStainless steel or GCr15. Keep the shelf: Strengthen nylon.
PACKING Customize according to the needs of customer
DETAILS: EWC This kind of clutch, the outer lane has raised angles, it is easy to make a reservation to lock, used in the fishing tackle (able to bear the sea water and corrode ), some paper money planes.

1WC 0608 One Way Needle Bearing as machine parts in Competitive Price


Shaft Diameter Bearing Designation Mass (g) Boundary Dimensions Torque Capacity
mm EWC series

















(with resin spring)1WC series

(with metal spring)EWC1WCFwD1D2BA(N.m)(kgf.cm)4EWC0406A EWC0406C-

-1.0 -

-488.462.60.08  0.150.8

1.56EWC0606XA EWC0606XC-

-1.4 -

-6101062.80.19 0.331.9

3.4EWC0608A EWC0608C-

1WC06081.7 -

2.080.25 0.442.5

4.5-1WC0612-3.0 120.8898EWC0809A EWC0809C-

-2.4 -

-8121292.60.49 0.885

9EWC0812A EWC0812C-

1WC08125.8 -

7.01415123.61.18 1.9612

20-1WC0815-8152.652710EWC1010A-5.2  1016177 110-1WC100914-3.0 141492.52.2523EWC1010A EWC1010C-

-6.0 -

-16171051.18 1.9612

20EWC1012A EWC1012C-

1WC10126.8 -

8.0121.37 2.3514



1WC12166.2 -


165.13.04 6.2831


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