Advantages of needle roller bearings


With the progress of The Times, the continuous development of the machinery and equipment industry has promoted the development of China's industrial industry, which has laid a solid foundation for China. Of course, these mechanical equipment can not be separated from the parts of the mechanical equipment, today we will talk about a very important part, that is, needle bearing, I do not know if you have known it? In mechanical equipment, bearing is a very important component, needle bearing as a widely used bearing is not without its reason, then we will talk about what the advantages of needle bearing!

Needle roller bearings have many types and varieties, and have their own fixed characteristics, but compared with sliding needle bearings, they have the following common advantages :

(1) small starting friction coefficient, and less difference with dynamic friction coefficient.

(2) Unified standards and specifications make it easy to obtain interchangeable products.

(3) convenient lubrication, less lubricant consumption.

(4) Generally a set of bearings can bear radial and axial loads at the same time.

(5) can be easily used in high or low temperature conditions.

(6) the bearing rigidity can be improved by applying prepressure.

Through the above understanding, we all know what are the advantages of needle roller bearings? Since it can become the leader in the bearing, it can not be separated from its advantages. We are a company specializing in the production of mechanical equipment, our company has advanced equipment, professional team, high quality products, good service, in the industry has won a good reputation, if you like to come to our company's official website to understand it!

Post time: Aug-13-2021