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Changzhou Ziguang needle roller bearing Co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of needle roller and shaft pin.

The factory was established in March, 2005, after nearly five years of development, now has more than 1500 square meters of production plant, more than 40 employees, annual production needle, shaft pin nearly 200 million, products widely praised by the industry.

The needle roller, shaft pin and other products produced by our factory are specialized in needle roller bearing, one-way bearing, solid ring, pressing outer ring, plane thrust, one-way bolt and other bearing matching, and accept customized various kinds of machinery, auto parts and other shaft pins.


Our factory adhering to the "professional, focused, single-minded" business philosophy, and constantly improve the quality of our products and to delve into the product series of development - ultra fine needle, fixed line ultra fine needle, such as research and development, the production of all kinds of high precision needle roller, and by virtue of the advantage of form a complete set, at the same time has also developed in needle bearing products, efforts for the realization of unceas!

Our company has obtained the quality management system certification:


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 Changzhou Ziguang needle Roller Bearing Co. LTD

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