Needle roller bearing installation skills

For needle roller bearing without inner ring or outer ring, the rolling surface of shaft or shell hole can be coated with a thin layer of grease before installation, and the needle roller can be attached to the grease of installation position in turn. The last needle roller shall be affixed with a clearance, the size of which shall be 0 on the circumference of the needle roller bearing. It is advisable to 5 mm. Never squeeze the last needle into the hard, or less than a needle, because the hard squeeze, the bearing will be stuck can not rotate; Less loading, clearance is too large, easy to cause the running of the bearing needle torsional pendulum and fracture.

It is especially pointed out here that for the needle roller bearing with only pressing outer ring, because the outer ring wall is very thin, it is better not to install it by hammering with a hand hammer, but to press it with a press. Because the hammer strike, the pressure is not uniform, easy to make the needle roller bearing outer ring local deformation.

Full needle roller bearings are installed, usually using an auxiliary sleeve. At this point, the auxiliary roller or the auxiliary sleeve holds the needle roller so that the needle roller will not fall out, and the journal will lift the needle roller with its own chamfering Angle. As the needle roller bearing moves inward slowly on the journal, the auxiliary roller or the auxiliary sleeve will slowly withdraw until it is installed at the working position.

The outer diameter of the auxiliary roller and sleeve shall be 0.1-0.3mm smaller than the shaft diameter. When installation, the surface coated with grease inside the bearing outer ring first, against the tight inner surface needle needle: (in the last one should be gaps), then replace the shaft neck of the roller bearing inner ring or auxiliary sleeve into the outer ring hole, and make it face alignment installed shaft end face or installed on the shaft bearing inner ring end face, and then use pressure on the press or hammer knock.

Needle roller bearing can also be installed in this way, that is, the outer diameter of the auxiliary sleeve coated with a thin layer of lubricating oil, sleeve into the outer ring of the bearing, so that the auxiliary sleeve and the outer ring of the bearing form a ring hole, and then in the ring hole with the needle. After installing the needle roller, push out the auxiliary sleeve with the working shaft.

Post time: Dec-07-2018