The 21st Suzhou Fastener and Technology Exhibition opened grandly on 27th!


Today (October 27, 2021), the 21st Suzhou Fastener & Technology Exhibition, a grand festival for global fastener suppliers and purchasers, opens in Suzhou International Expo Center. The exhibition will last for three days until October 29.

Suzhou Fastener & Technology Exhibition, sponsored by Golden Spider Media, has become the common choice of well-known fastener brands and innovative enterprises in the industry after years of cultivation and accumulation, continuous quality improvement and upgrading. This suzhou Exhibition uses two exhibition halls D1 and E1, gathering hundreds of high-quality fasteners and their supporting enterprises, concentrating on showing the leading products and technologies, showing a comprehensive and multi-dimensional fastener industry event, creating a one-stop procurement platform for industry professionals.

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On the first day, visitors came to the exhibition in an endless stream. Early in the morning, the entrance of the exhibition was crowded with people and the atmosphere was warm.

 Merchants swarmed, business opportunities surging


Entering the exhibition hall, many brand enterprises concentrated appearance, boutique, complete categories, gathered new products.
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Meishan in the car,

Many booths have attracted many visitors to stop, consultation and conversation, business opportunities, unlimited business opportunities here.


Exhibitors gather to show off their elegant demeanor

According to the statistics of the organizer, this exhibition brought together many high-quality fasteners and their supporting enterprises to compete on the same stage. Fastener enterprises including car in meishan, zhejiang 3 Lin, changshu standard parts, the exhibition industry, science and technology, zhejiang east grain, jiashan yong xin solid, penetration resistance, hebei henghui hardware, ningbo, guangdong rainbow of prison, dongtai Qin standard, precision screws, jiashan jiaxing huayuan, treasure great wei yue, penetration ty jiashan, jiashan, jiashan, jiashan yu gold, and its send, jiaxing, jiaxing jin gen, scarlett Kindness is, teng far jiashan, jiashan early spring, yuyao xintai, zhejiang south KeTai, dongguan cheng, dongguan rongxiang, hebei province, handan KuiYuan rong, suzhou all items, shandong pofoco, sea salt and SAN sheng, jiaxing, jiaxing built the accessibility, jiashan hengye, jiaxing the auspicious, wuxi, kunshan heng shun, jiaxing xing hin friend gen, pied, haiyan China rise, suzhou and, pinghu Kang Chengda, shenzhen sheng, Jiangxi Zhirui, Haiyan Hongrun, Dongtai Huawei, Yuyao Biao two industry and trade, Handan Ligong, Suzhou Kangneng, etc.
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Three Lin hardware
The exhibition industry
Changshu Standard Parts Factory Co. LTD
Tight, science and technology

Equipment and related supporting enterprises include: Thought into intelligence, yue yu, Shanghai exhibition in wenzhou, zhejiang friends letter jiashan, zhejiang key goods, treasure billiton, colgar HangShen energy-saving intelligent equipment, hangzhou, dongguan roth visual, yong jin smart devices, wenzhou, suzhou yuefei, dujiangyan beyond, taicang love well, suzhou han yong Ming (spring hardware) instability and giant lung, foshan, zhongshan, dongguan yi yao, yancheng sand, foshan, Shanghai station, Zhejiang Qiangyi, Ningbo Congfeng, Suzhou Fengyada, Shanghai Sun, Changzhou Fengda, Dongguan Add, Dongguan Yaolin, Dongguan Luosheng Dun, Dongguan Jin Dong Dong etc.
Thinking into the smart
Suzhou yuefei
Zhejiang friend letter

Many exhibitors carefully designed and built their own booths, the exhibits under the lighting flowing colorful.
Dongguan roth
Zhejiang key goods
Yong jin smart
Taicang love en, Dujiangyan beyond
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Group elegant demeanour, highlight characteristics

This suzhou Exhibition launched a group exhibition area, attracting jiashan Fastener Industry Association, Handan Yongnian Import and Export Chamber of Commerce and Xinghua Dayan Fastener Industry Association group exhibition. The three associations organized a large number of excellent fastener enterprises to participate in the exhibition, showing the unique charm of local brands to the audience at home and abroad, and creating distinctive regional brands.
Exhibition group of Jiashan Fastener Industry Association
Dainan Fastener Strategic Alliance
Handan Yongnian Import and Export Chamber of Commerce exhibition group

High-end forum, shining debut

To promote fasteners, communicate with the terminal application, help enterprises to grasp the fasteners, new technology development and application trend of gold spider fastener industry media with large cafe, at the same time create high-end BBS "" 2021 fasteners, hitting fasteners, new technologies, new trends and new application for the fastener industry colleagues to build a technology training and information exchange to gorge.

The theme of today's forum is "Development of bolt fastener Intelligent Assembly Technology" and "Development trend of Automotive fastener materials and testing technology", which are delivered by experts Mr. Chen Yurong and Mr. Zhang Xianming.

The atmosphere at the scene was warm, and the experts' wonderful explanation drew bursts of applause.

Speaker: Chen Yurong

 Introduction of Chen Yurong 】

Senior engineer, engaged in product management and promotion in Depai Assembly Technology (Suzhou) Co., LTD for many years, engaged in screw assembly related technical work for a long time, accumulated rich experience in screw tightening field.
Gold spider fasteners web consultant experts, engaged in metal material heat treatment process and metallurgical research, especially good at gear, fasteners, etc a technical work, 50 years, development of new material, new technology application has certain experience, there are many achievements obtained a patent for invention, a number of technological achievements third prize at the provincial level and a number of national invention patent. Familiar with heat treatment process, have rich experience in heat treatment site operation. He has published more than 300 papers on national and provincial journals and monographs fastener Materials and Heat Treatment and Fastener Heat Treatment Practice.
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Today's forum activities have left many audiences wanting more, and tomorrow there will be a wonderful high-end forum, don't miss it.

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